What is SAP?
SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing and is used by large organizations to manage their business. SAP has different modules for 21 industry sectors.
Is SAP for me?
Any person with some education and business process knowledge can consider a career in SAP. A career in SAP is very rewarding because of the high paying positions and also lack of skilled SAP personnel makes it most desirable skill to have. We suggest you to choose a module which compliments your experience and background.
In which SAP module do you provide training?
VoiSAP offers SAP training programs in functional SAP Core Modules: FI -Financial Accounting, CO- Cost Controlling, HR- Human Resources, SD- Sales and Distribution, MM -Materials Management, SAP HANA Simple Finance, SAP HANA Simple Logistics
When and where are training sessions held?
Training sessions are held on-site at our Canadian centre during weekdays & weekends. We also offer super flexible OTP (Online Training Programs) which are in high demand.
What if I have a question between two classes? Will you be able to help me on that?
Technical help is just a call away. When you have a question while practicing or going through the notes, just call or send an email to the instructor.
Will I be provided with study material?
Yes, you will get extensive soft copy of the study material for you to keep. It will have step by step instructions for you to practice
Do I need to be certified before I get a job?
Certification is not a requirement to work as a SAP consultant but it is definitely preferred by most employers. All our training courses are designed to get you certified in your module.
Do I have to know software programming before going for SAP Training?
No, you can be from any business background & experience and only need business process knowledge.
Do I have to be a software engineer to attend SAP training?
No, you can be from any educational background or any experience.
How long is the duration for SAP training?
The course duration is 16 days weekday or weekend classes.
Are Instructors at VoiSAP Certified by SAP?
All our Instructors are certified by SAP and they work for top multinational companies.
Do you provide services for Interview/placement and resume writing?
We provide CV writing techniques Interview tips and reference assistance.
What SAP training should I take with my kind of education & experience?
We suggest all candidates attend our free counseling session and after face to face consultation we can recommend you courses according to your education and experience.
Where is VoiSAP Located?
We are located at 6, Dupont Court, Brampton, ONTARIO, Canada
Why should I choose VoiSAP?
VoiSAP is specialized in SAP Training without any diversions. We have Instructors who are highly experienced and certified by SAP. We are proud of the level of service and the quality of training we provide. You can come and sit in one of our classes before enrolling. We also provide guaranteed internship placement after training which gives you the necessary experience to break into the SAP market and also assist with references. We strongly recommend you to attend our free SAP seminar on weekends and compare VoiSAP with other training providers.
How much does it cost for SAP training?
Our fee structure for all SAP modules can be emailed once you fill in the online enquiry form, also call our office for more details and fees payment plans.
Will I have to share a computer with other students?
No, each student gets one computer.
Do you offer SAP End-user level programs at VoiSAP?
Yes. We have end user SAP program offered at no additional cost to our students. Separate end user programs, Interview Preparation programs and other Capsule programs are available. Please check out the SAP Training/Courses offered section for more details.
When do you have free SAP information sessions, Seminars, Career Counseling?
Every weekend we have Free SAP information sessions. Please call us for more details.