Prince2 Certification Training

Prince2 Certification Training

In 1989, The Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) established Projects in Controlled Environment 2 (PRINCE2®) framework for effective project management. This framework separates the management aspect of the project work from design and construction. The training provides the detailed insight into PRINCE2® methodology, makes you aware of the best practices in Project Management, recognizes your knowledge, skills and abilities, increases chances of getting better jobs with high pay.
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PRINCE2® software is best known for its non-proprietorial guidance for any project management which not only improves the overall project security but also enhances the organizational sustainability and capability across various fields such as research, IT, construction and product development. With PRINCE2® documenting the project and analyzing an issue at the appropriate level is much viable and easy. PRINCE2® is the widely practiced defacto standard in regions of United Kingdom and Europe which imparts best subject knowledge on business case, cost, time, quality, scope, risk and benefits.

Did you know?

  1.  PRINCE2® technology is developed after 30 years of research. After such an extensive time frame of research and framework have become extremely user centric and customer friendly. Updates are made every two to three years keeping in mind the various demands of the industry.
  2.  PRINCE2® design is not limited to any one industry but the demand for project management professionals is increasing in all industry sectors such as Engineering, Finance, Construction, Healthcare, government, Energy and Transportation. Thus indicates the significant growth recently in the other industries.
  3.  In 2013, Cabinet office on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) created AXELOS, a joint venture company in United Kingdom and Capita plc. to manage, develop and grow the global best practice portfolio. This venture has developed PRINCE2®, a combination of proven best practice of PRINCE2® with agile concepts enabling absolute project and product delivery.

Why learn and get Certified in Prince2?

  1.  A project management professional with PRINCE2® certification will earn an average salary of USD 65K more than the other Project Managers and can work virtually in any industry and in any location.
  2.  Prince2, originated and rooted in the UK and globally implemented in all the root projects and public sector projects of UK government. Hence, it is one of the most on-demand certification for all project management professionals.
  3.  PRINCE2® certification already drawn the attention of fortune 500 companies leading to a drastic change in the growth curve of delivering a successful project. Thus, there is a great demand for certified PRINCE2® project management professionals.

Course Objective

After the completion of this course, Trainee will:
  1.  Understand the integrated elements of PRINCE2® (principles, processes, themes and tailoring) within a work environment
  2.  Gain knowledge on the benefits and principles underlying a structured approach to project management
  3.  Understand the purpose, objective and activities in all the seven themes and how they can be tailored based on the nature of the project
  4.  Be able to develop a product-based planning approach for projects that divides them into manageable, controllable stages
  5.  Learn how themes and processes can be tailored based on the size and complexity of the project
  6.  Acquire the skills and knowledge to pass the PRINCE2® certification exam and implement the project management concepts in real-life

No prerequisites to appear for PRINCE2® Foundation level exam. However you need to be PRINCE2® Foundation certified to appear for PRINCE2® Practitioner.

Who should attend this Training?

This is one of the most valued and respected professionals requirement for individuals looking to gain knowledge on the PRINCE2® methodology. This professional certification course is ideally suited for:
  1.  Project Managers
  2.  Project Planners
  3.  Project Leaders
  4.  Project Directors
  5.  Program Managers
  6. Department Heads of IT
  7.  Software Professionals

Prepare for Certification

Our training and certification program gives you a solid understanding of the key topics covered on the PMI® (PRINCE2® Certification). In addition to boosting your income potential, getting certified in Program Management, demonstrates your knowledge of the skills necessary to be an effective Professional. The certification validates your ability to produce reliable, high-quality results with increased efficiency and consistency.

Unit 1: PRINCE2® Introduction

  1. PRINCE2® - Understanding the Big Picture
  2. Components of Project Planning
  3. Project Management Processes

Unit 2: Organization

  1. Defines and Distributes responsibilities among the Project Management Team

Unit 3: Starting up a Project

  1. The essentials of a Business Case
  2. Purpose of a Project Brief

Unit 4: Initiating the Project

  1. Scope of Project Initiation
  2. Purpose of preparing a Project Initiation Document

Unit 5: Quality Management

  1. Understanding Customer Expectations
  2. Purpose and Scope of a Quality Plan
  3. Quality Review Techniques

Unit 6: Planning

  1. Product-based Planning
  2. Understanding Product Based Plans

Unit 7: Progress Controls and Stages

  1. Understanding Project Control
  2. Defining the Authority Levels

Unit 8: Risk Management

  1. Sources and Types of Risk
  2. Importance of Risk Management

Unit 9: Directing a Project

  1. Taking Authority and Responsibility
  2. Managing through Problems


  1. Managing Project Deliveries and Stage Boundaries

Unit 11: Managing Change

  1. Why Change Control?
  2. Configuration Management

Unit 12: Closing a Project

  1. Benefits of obtaining a formal project sign-off
  2. Post-Project Review Plans

About PRINCE2® Certification

PRINCE2® Projects in Controlled Environment 2 (PRINCE2®) framework for effective project management was established by CCTA in 1989. This framework separates the management aspect of the project work from design and construction. This PRINCE2® certification aimed at both aspiring and experienced project managers to design, develop and deliver the project.

PRINCE2® Certification Types

There are four different types of PRINCE2® certification namely:
  1. PRINCE2® Foundation
  2. PRINCE2® Practitioner
  3. PRINCE2® Agile
  4. PRINCE2® Professional

PRINCE2® Foundation Certification

PRINCE2® Foundation certification is to validate that trainees have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PRINCE2® methodology to work effectively. Pre-requisites There are no predefined pre-requisites, but prior knowledge on Project Management is recommended. Exam Details
  1. Examination Fees is $363
  2. Multiple choice examination questions
  3. 75 questions per paper
  4. Five questions to be trial and not counted in scores
  5. 35 marks required (out of 70 available) to pass - 50%
  6. One hour's (60 minutes) duration

PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification

PRINCE2® Practitioner certification is to validate that trainees have achieved sufficient knowledge and understanding to apply and tailor the project management situations. The certified PRINCE2® Practitioner will apply the method to a real project for all situations and their expertise help in providing support to the complex projects. Pre-requisites In order to take PRINCE2® Practitioner level certification, the candidate must ensure that one of the following certifications:
  1. PRINCE2® Foundation Project Management Professional (PMP®)
  2. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®)
  3. IPMA Level A® (Certified Projects Director)
  4. IPMA Level B® (Certified Senior Project Manager)
  5. IPMA Level C® (Certified Project Manager)
  6. IPMA Level D® (Certified Project Management Associate)
Exam Details
  1. Multiple Choice Questions
  2. 50 questions each worth one mark
  3. 30 marks or more required to pass out of 50 questions - 60% pass mark
  4. Two-and-a-half hours’ (150 minutes) duration, no additional reading time
  5. Open book exam (official PRINCE2 Agile guide only)

PRINCE2® Agile Certification

AXELOS has developed a single-tier certification for the candidates who has passed Foundation and Practitioner certification which enables project management professionals to apply project management principles of PRINCE2® combining the agile concepts.

Pre-requisites In order to take PRINCE2® Agile Certification, candidate must have PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification. Exam Details
  1. Objective testing
  2. 50 questions each worth one mark
  3. 30 marks or more required to pass out of 50 questions - 60% pass mark
  4. Two-and-a-half hours’ (150 minutes) duration, no additional reading time
  5. Open book exam (official PRINCE2® Agile guide only)

PRINCE2® Professional Certification

The PRINCE2® Professional certification is the next level for PRINCE2® Practitioners which test candidate’s ability to manage a non-complex PRINCE2® project across all aspects of the project lifecycle. Exam Details
  1. Two-and-a-half day residential Assessment Centre
  2. Group activities and exercises
  3. Based on a fictional project case study
  4. Assessment is against 19 individual performance criteria (there is no written examination)

Generic Training FAQs

How do you provide training?
ZaranTech provides Role-based Instructor Led Live and Self Paced Video Training and certification programs by industry expert trainer’s using Online meeting tools like Citrix GotoWebinar.
What are the modes of training?
We provide three different modes of training:
  1. Instructor Led Live Training (ILLT) – In this mode students attend the Live online sessions as per the training schedule. Assignments and course materials access is provided using the LMS system. Students can also view the videos of the past sessions and post questions using the LMS system. Students can ask trainers question live during the session or offline using the LMS system. 24×7 access to Support is available.
  2. Instructor Led Video Training (ILVT) – In this mode students do not attend Live online sessions but learn from the Session video recordings. Assignments and course materials access is provided using the LMS system. Students can post questions offline for trainers using the LMS system. 24×7 access to Support is available.
  3. Self-Paced Video Training (SPVT) – Self-paced video training program is designed to learn at your own pace. Students are given a access to the LMS system and learn thru pre-recorded session videos. They access the assignments and materials thru the LMS system. 24×7 access to Support is available.
What is the difference between live training, video training and self-paced video training?
We offer Three different modes of training – Click on the below links to know the differences between live training, video training, self-paced video training:
  1. Instructor Led Live Training (ILLT) –
  2. Instructor Led Video Training (ILVT) –
  3. Self-paced Video Training (SPVT) –
What are the Technical Requirement for taking the Online Live training?
  1. Operating System: Windows XP or newer
  2. Browser: Internet Explorer 6.x or newer
  3. CPU: P350 MHz, recommended P500+ MHz
  4. Memory: 128 MB, recommended 256+ MB RAM
  5. Free Disk Space: 40 MB, recommended 200+ MB for content and recordings
  6. Internet Connection: 28.8 Kbps, recommended 128+ Kbps
  7. Monitor: 16 bit colors (high color)
  8. Other: Sound card, microphone, and speakers OR headset with microphone