SAP Cash Management powered by HANA Certification Training

SAP Cash Management powered by HANA Certification Training

SAP launched Cash Management powered by SAP HANA to satisfy customers’ demands for accurate and timely cash flow information. Which merges the analytical capabilities and big data power of SAP HANA with the attractive user interface (UI) of SAP Fiori. Cash Management powered by SAP HANA training program mainly focuses on demystifying few crucial concepts like understanding the techniques that an organization incorporates while fetching a real-time overview of their bank accounts with workflow capabilities, managing signatories, limits and risks.
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Course Description

SAP Cash Management provides notable improvements for the preceding ERP offering for Cash Management, Bank Account Management and Liquidity Management, also introduces new treasury capabilities like Hedge Accounting, Commodity Management, Risk and Portfolio Analysis. This treasury solution can be incorporated as a part of SAP Simple Finance, either in the cloud or on-premise. With the invade of Cash Management, SAP exhibits the significance of real-time insight and intuitive design in a fragile area of finance. Cash Management powered by HANA certification and training program mainly focuses on helping trainees in understanding SAP cash management functions, attaining an ability to implement Cash Operations and Liquidity Management.

Course Objective

After the completion of this course, Trainee will:
  1.  Understand the new technologies based on S/4HANA Finance which enable the treasury transformation
  2.  Upskill in Operational Cash Management (Cash Position and Disposition) concepts
  3.  Gain knowledge on core concepts like Bank Account Management, Liquidity Management and Electronic Bank Statement
  4.  Attain ability to process Manual Bank Statements and Electronic Bank Statements


  1.  A graduate with practical knowledge of SAP Financial Accounting is preferred.

Who should attend this Training?

This comprehensive course is meant for professionals who aspire to build their career in Finance industry. This professional certification course is best suited for:
  1.  Application Consultant
  2.  Business Analyst

Prepare for Certification!

Our training and certification program gives you a solid understanding of the key topics covered on the Cash Management powered by HANA. In addition to boosting your income potential, getting trained in Cash Management powered by HANA helps you in acquiring knowledge of the necessary skills to be an effective Finance Professional. On successful completion of the course, trainee will be awarded course completion certificate.

Unit 1: Overview of Financials for SAP S/4HANA

  1. Describing SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA

Unit 2: Overview of SAP Cash Management

  1. Defining the Functions of SAP Cash Management

Unit 3: Manual Memo Records

  1. Processing Memo Records

Unit 4: Check Deposit

  1. Managing Check Deposit Transactions

Unit 5: Manual Bank Statement

  1. Processing Manual Bank Statements
  2. Post-processing Manual Bank Statements

Unit 6: Electronic Bank Statement

  1. Processing Electronic Bank Statements
  2. Post-processing Electronic Bank Statements

Unit 7: Bank Account Management

  1. Using the Bank Account Management Solution

Unit 8: Cash Operations

  1. Using Cash Operations

Unit 9: Liquidity Management

  1. Using Liquidity Management

SAP certifications are globally recognised and standardised criterion for several roles and responsibilities in the Information Technology (IT) World. The certification details for SAP Cash Management Powered by HANA Certification will be updated shortly.

Cash Management Powered By HANA FAQs

What is Cash Management?
>Cash management is a submodule of Treasury that may be utilized as a planning tool for cash control and for reliable, up-to-date liquidity analysis of the company.
Name and describe at least two functions of Cash Management.
Bank statements, manual planning, cash position, liquidity forecast
  1. Cash concentration = allows companies to maximize their cash pooling strategy with various cash accounts
  2. Loans, transfers and deposits from TM
  3. Manually planned items from CM
Liquidity forecast – reproduces the activity in sub-ledger accounts, projecting cash inflows and outflows in 1-24 weeks time frame. It receives data from AR, AP, FI, MM, SD, TM. The example of data flowing there is
  1. Invoices from FI or MM and SD (including parked documents),
  2. Securities related receivables and payables from TM,
  3. Down payment requests from FI,
  4. Manually planned items from CM, etc.
Define planning levels.
Planning levels explain the origin of the data in Cash management, reflect typical financial transactions (e.g., F0-posting to a bank account in FI, AP-payment advices) and thus enable users to better estimate its reliability
What are cash management services?
Cash Management services include physical cash & check collection from your business premises to our designated cash centers and a host of online cash management solutions.