SAP LEONARDO Certification Training

Sap Leonardo with Machine Learning Foundation

Sap Leonardo is the future of modern technology and going for SAP Leonardo online training India is being considered to pave the way towards growth for the future technological enthusiasts. It is basically a digital innovation mechanism that helps customers in accessing the products and components of SAP across highly developing technologies. These include Block chain, IoT or Internet of Things, Big Data and Machine Learning.
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Description SAP Leonardo combines the recent technologies and services into a single intelligent platform which allows innovation by associating things with people and processes. SAP Leonardo helps the organization to accept new technologies and incorporate them in their business and measure the subsequent solution flawlessly. With the help of Leonardo’s components and services, the organization can apply latest digital technologies such as machine learning, Blockchain, Analytics, IoT and big data in developing a new working environment and for redefining business processes to enhance productivity.

Why learn and get certified in SAP Leonardo?

  1.  SAP Leonardo is a leading brand in the market.
  2.  It is an integrated approach with modern technologies.
  3.  SAP Leonardo is not just a technology it is design thinking services that allow customers to create future digital enterprise.
  4.  With SAP Leonardo-Machine learning, the computers can learn without being programmed.
  5.  SAP Leonardo is embracing the Internet of things.


  1.  The candidate should have the programming knowledge like Java, JavaScript.
  2.  Having knowledge in machine learning, Blockchain, IoT, Analytics will be an added advantage.

Who should attend this Training?

This certification is highly suitable for the following professionals:
  1.  Executive managers
  2.  IT professionals
  3.  Solution consultants
  4.  Application developers
  5.  Anyone interested in intelligent technologies and innovation

Course Objective

At the end of this online SAP Leonardo course, you will be able to:
  1.  Understand the concept and objectives of SAP Leonardo.
  2.  Understand and learn the SAP Leonardo machine learning and data science
  3.  Develop intelligent applications.
  4. Understand the capabilities of this new technology, new business applications and use cases.

Prepare for Certification!

Our training and certification program gives you a solid understanding of the key topics covered in the SAP Leonardo. In addition to boosting your income potential, getting certified in SAP Leonardo demonstrates your knowledge of the skills necessary to be an effective professional. The certification validates your ability to produce reliable, high-quality results with increased efficiency and consistency.

Module 1

Unit 1: SAP Leonardo - Introduction

  1. What is SAP Leonardo?
  2. Getting started with SAP Leonardo

Unit 2: SAP Leonardo- The Internet of Things

  1. Know about the Internet of Things
  2. Learn in-depth about IoT with SAP
  3. Learn how to create your first IoT prototype
  4. Learn to submit your IoT prototype
  5. Evaluate IoT Prototype
  6. View results of your IoT Prototype

Unit 3: SAP Leonardo-Blockchain

  1. Overview
  2. Blockchain Demystified
  3. Learn from Database to Distributed Ledger
  4. Blockchain for Enterprise
  5. Strategy related to SAP’s Blockchain
  6. Summary

Unit 4: SAP Leonardo- Machine Learning

  1. Introduction to SAP Leonardo Machine Learning
  2. Machine Learning Foundation Capabilities
  3. Intelligent Enterprise Applications
  4. Business Use Cases for Enterprise Machine Learning
  5. Ready-to-Use Functional Services
  6. Consumption, Customizable services
  7. Machine Learning Foundation Roadmap

Unit 5: SAP Leonardo-Data Intelligence

  1. What is data intelligence?
  2. What can data intelligence do for your business?
  3. Explore data intelligence and SAP Leonardo

Unit 6: SAP Leonardo-Analytics

Unit 7: SAP Leonardo- Bigdata

Unit 8: What’s next in SAP Leonardo

We do not have a standard certification process neither are we affiliated with any university for certifying our course. We provide only the course attendance/completion certificate.

+What is SAP Leonardo?
SAP LEONARDO Training FAQs In June 2017, SAP launched its Leonardo platform as a digital innovation system. It has been launched with an idea of enabling customers to access the SAP’s products and components and to take the benefits of various emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, Internet of thing (IoT), Big data and Blockchain under one roof. SAP Leonardo helps the organization to accept new technologies and incorporate them in their business and measure the subsequent solution flawlessly.
+What are the benefits of SAP Leonardo?
SAP Leonardo is the future of modern technology. It is not just the technology it is focused on design thinking and defining methodologies to address business challenges. SAP Leonardo enables you to incorporate multiple SAP products with growing technologies. It is a leading brand in the market. SAP provides machine learning technology models at different levels, so that can get train easily without too much expertise.
+Why is SAP Leonardo relevant?

SAP has been observe as the champion of back-office software from a long time, the ERP platform which enables 10’s of thousands of organizations to manage their finances, their stock and supply chains, their personnel and payroll and many other core functions. With the continuous developments to their core S/4HANA solution, continuing evolution and enhancements to Cloud Platform & related technology, and growing cloud SaaS competences they are now placed to deliver on both innovation and digital transformation. However, the traditional way of appealing with customers through drawn out procurement processes and RFP style interactions simply doesn’t lend itself well to cutting edge, rapid innovation.

+Is SAP Leonardo is developed only for existing SAP customer?

No, SAP Leonardo is not only for existing SAP customers. As the current SAP customers will of course be a big focus for SAP and their partners, the nature of cloud platform and Leonardo services is such that it could be of interest to new accounts as well.