We are more than Just a SAP Training Provider !

SAP Training should not be focused on one type and fits all. While other companies may try to force you into their pre-packaged curriculum or delivery methods, we listen to you and work with you to understand your unique needs and advise the training that’s right for you. Selecting the right SAP training provider is the first step to reaching, or even exceeding, your goals.

Our ability to provide value focused and creative sap training stems from the fact that our instructors comprises a team of domain experts and functional architects who understand the needs and wants, with commitment to mentor you to the right career goal.

How are we different

We do Skill Gap Analysis

Transform yourself through our skill gap analysis though which we first identify your current skills and then the skills required, to achieve your desired goal in todays dynamic market environment , increasingly fierce competition and on-going technology advances in SAP . Our team of experts will work with you to create a roadmap of success that will get you from where you are today to where you want to be.

We analyse the individual needs that are usually role or job based and identify the necessary learning path to close gaps including processes and technology.

We believe in Challenge motivated learning

We engage a unique approach to our Internship program, which we call the project knowledge program, its designed to maximise the learning effectiveness and also accelerates the development process of an individual. Our approach begins with the clear definition of business challenges an organisation faces. From these challenges, scenarios are derived that give opportunities for learners to face each challenge as they would in the workplace.

Our methodology is to provide a learning environment that is relevant to the specific job tasks and responsibilities of each intended audience group but also is engaging and interactive at the same time. We provide learning support platforms, which include presentations, demonstrations; examples reference materials that help learners work through each scenario.

Finally, we define a adapted learning environment to determine the optimal blend of instructor-led and self-paced delivery methods, timing and tracking the progress. This approach results in learning capabilities that accelerate the participant to discover the realistic context and apply the same when they start working as a consultant.

SAP Training Delivery Methods