Why VoiSAP?

  • Highest certification pass rate with many students getting 100% marks
  • High Quality Professional Material to make you a complete Consultant
  • Onsite/Offsite Support Available
  • We understand your needs and we offer (CTP) Customized Training Program for every Individual Participant
  • Guaranteed Internship/Realtime Project offering “hands on” industry experience
  • Free one day Trial in any of our on-going SAP training classes
  • Bespoke training solutions for our corporate clients

About Us

VoiSAP has been the most trusted SAP Training provider for a wide range of organizations and individuals in Canada and US. The company has spent a long time in innovating, refining and fine tuning its offerings to suit the needs of students, professionals and employers. Our emphasis on quality and commitment to very learner has earned us a reputation of being the most reputed and trusted kick-starter of SAP careers. Our suite of SAP education programs encompass every kind of learner – from a person taking a first step into the world of SAP, to a student seeking a specialized career, to a professional gaining cutting-edge technology skills. VoiSAP is a pioneer in starting SAP internships in Canada imparting hands on industry knowledge and experience which not only got us a big thumps up from industry experts but it has also proved to be a game changer in our placement model. Our in-depth knowledge, industry domain experience and business processes are effectively used to provide training and solutions that result in measurable value for our clients.

Our Sap Internship

ENDORSED by Leading Industry Experts

Having successfully completed our training program you will be awarded an internship with VoiSAP on various SAP projects. We are proud to be the pioneers in starting SAP internships in Canada. You will gain hands on industry experience using cutting edge technology and tools to create innovative SAP solutions. Your on-the-job learning will be augmented with mentoring, confidence building and networking opportunities in the SAP world. Completing an internship is an excellent way to develop the hands on skills and professionalism needed for a successful transition into the work place and VoiSAP works with you hand in hand to help you make that transition possible. Our internship program will see you applying your training knowledge and SAP methodologies by working with our partners and consultants, who are experts in designing, developing and deploying the SAP solutions.

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  • Roma, from a Bookkeeper to Support Consultant

    When it comes to SAP Training VoiSAP offers the complete package – Experienced tutors offer a wealth of knowledge transferred to trainees in a digestible format covering the theory and configuration Experienced Project Managers during the internship guide trainees through the day to day tasks and responsibilities of a SAP Professional. The internship also provides access to confidential business process documentation, best practice tools, project road maps plus trainees get to utilize knowledge gained in training by collaborating on an actual demo project whilst assigned to independent project teams enabling trainees to gain valuable work experience and a competitive edge starting a new career in SAP
  • Conrad, Certified FICO Consultant

    I took my SAP FI certification in September 2015 and secured 92%. I truly give the credit to VoiSAP’s training team that provided a sense of direction to achieve my goals. Their organized training sessions, training materials, internship and commitment to support students made all the positive difference in my experience. I wish them well and would recommend VoiSAP to anyone who has dreamt of getting into SAP career and looking for THAT stepping stone.
  • Ahmed, Associate Consultant

    VoiSAP did it for me. The support I got from the VoiSAP team helped me during the training and placement period.I am now working in my SAP FI role after training and placement. I really appreciate VoiSAP for the continuous support even after training and placement. I have gotten more value for the training I paid for. I have no regrets.
  • Relendis , is now a SAP FICO Consultant for Premier foods Group

    "I find the recruitment process and CV assistance meeting very informative useful and most importantly gives a clear focus to my career aspirations  and goals. I would recommend VoiSAP recruitment services and career advice to the new students"
  • Jennifer , SAP FI Consultant

    I completed the SAP FI course from VoiSAP and the experience has been absolutely rewarding. The course was well structured and I managed to pass my certification straight after the course with 95% marks. Internship gave an in depth understanding of implementation processes. The placement assistance was very helpful with dedicated consultant and the guidance helped me to secure a SAP FI junior role and i havent looked back since. If you want a career in SAP, VoiSAP is your one stop shop. All the best and thanks to the whole VoiSAP team.

  • Achal , successfully got a job as a SAP Business Analyst

    My CV was never good enough to contain all my potentials before . Last October I was made redundant and have not worked since. Whatever I wrote on a CV was always full of scattered points without much relevance to the jobs I applied. It did not fulfil my obvious career objectives and to be honest I was rather embarrassed every time I used it. My confidence and self esteem was dwindled. VoiSAP team went through my skills & ability in detail and suggested how could I present myself better in interviews. Now that I have got my self esteem back by stepping onto better role in one of the best manufacturer of highly engineered & industrial products I feel its her mentoring and inspiring smile made it happen. I remember their opinion on my SAP aspiration .

  • Swetha , successfully got a job as a SAP FI Consultant

    Did my SAP FI course with VoiSAP and the help and support received by everyone has been nothing less than exemplary. Trainer made sure I understood all concepts in detail and the internship put everything in prospective.

  • Rahul , From Accounts Trainee to SAP FICO Consultant

    VoiSAP recruitment and placement services place me for SAP FICO internship. I worked on live projects with Data management. Currently, I am working at BAT, calgary, implementing global rollout project as SAP FICO data analyst. I feel very supportive during whole transition and life changing experience.

  • Michael , SAP Financial Analyst

    Gourav is the best Trainer and CV Specialist I have ever met. He helped me in writing my CV and building a professional format for my CV. He also helped me in getting an interview within 3 weeks after our meeting where he assessed by skills and experience.


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