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Receive hands-on direct exposure to the highly scalable Amazon Web Companies (AWS) cloud system along with the AWS SysOps Colleague license instruction plan. This training course will assist you achieve useful technical expertise in releasing, handling, and also working fault-tolerant units on AWS.

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Eligibility & Pre-requisites

  • Eligibility

    Solution administrators with at the very least one year of knowledge regulating or even structure apps in the cloud are actually best candidates for the AWS SysOps Certification Program.
  • Pre-requisites

    To make an application for the AWS SysOps Colleague License, you have to complete the AWS Technical Fundamentals course OR have notable hands-on specialist expertise in running AWS located applications. You need to also have the potential to describe a remedy to become created as well as operated AWS, and also expertise provisioning, running as well as keeping units operating on AWS. You must likewise be qualified of giving AWS procedures and release direction and greatest practices throughout the lifecycle of a project.

AWS SysOps Courses Overview

This AWS SysOps training is actually a prerequisite to the DevOps Developer Accreditation. You are going to discover how to migrate on-premise functions to AWS, regulate the circulation of records to as well as from AWS, professional the AWS administration console, apply working expense managements, and also enrich your capacity to make use of AWS sources and also services properly.


AWS has actually been actually dominating the general cloud framework market for several years today, with much more than 30 percent share. The talent crisis in cloud computing area is actually getting as well as developing certified in AWS will show your skills and also boost your cloud computing job.

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      Skills Covered​

      Deploy faulttolerant systems
      Analysis and CostEffectiveness in AWS
      Data Management
      Deployment and Provisioning
      Manage fullscale production ops
      Migrate onpremises apps to AWS
      Analyze CloudWatch metrics
      Data integrity and security
      AWS operational best practices
      Operational cost control measures
      AWS usage costs

      Training Options


      (Online, In-Class)​

      One-on-One (Recommended)

      (Online, In-Class)​


      (Online, Client sight)

      Customized to your team's needs

      Course Currilcum

      • 1.01 The Course Overview
      • 1.02 Introduction
      • 1.03 Set Up A Free AWS Tier Account
      • 1.04 Set Up Your Environment
      • 1.05 Amazon CLI Tools for PowerShell and SDKs
      • 1.06 The AWS Global Infrastructure
      • 1.07 Create a Billing Alarm

      • 2.01 Introduction to CloudWatch: Part One
      • 2.02 Introduction to Cloud Watch: Part Two
      • 2.03 Monitoring EC2
      • 2.04 Monitoring EBS
      • 2.05 Monitoring ElastiCache
      • 2.06 Monitoring ELB
      • 2.07 Monitoring RDS
      • 2.08 AWS Trusted Advisor
      • 2.09 AWS CloudTrail: Part One
      • 2.10 AWS CloudTrail: Part Two
      • 2.11 AWS Config
      • 2.12 AWS Organization and Consolidated Billing
      • 2.13 Monitoring AWS Charges

      • 3.01 Amazon SQS -Building Decoupled Architecture
      • 3.02 Amazon Simple Notification Service
      • 3.03 Regional Specific High Availability
      • 3.04 Bastion Hosts and High Availability
      • 3.05 Multi-Region High Availability
      • 3.06 Connectivity Options for High Availability

      • 4.01 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud EC2
      • 4.02 Launching an EC2 Instance
      • 4.03 Storage for EC2
      • 4.04 Expand an EBS Volume
      • 4.05 Creating an AMI
      • 4.06 Additional EC2 Concepts
      • 4.07 Amazon EC2 Container Service
      • 4.08 Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
      • 4.09 Amazon Lambda
      • 4.10 Amazon Lightsail

      • 5.01 Introduction to Databases on AWS
      • 5.02 Amazon RDS: Part One
      • 5.03 Amazon RDS: Part Two
      • 5.04 Amazon RDS: Part Three
      • 5.05 Amazon RDS: Part Four
      • 5.06 Amazon Aurora
      • 5.07 Amazon DynamoDB: Part One
      • 5.08 Amazon DynamoDB: Part Two
      • 5.09 Amazon Redshift
      • 5.10 Amazon ElastiCache

      • 6.01 Introduction to Deployment Strategies
      • 6.02 Amazon Elastic Load Balancers
      • 6.03 Configure an Elastic Load Balancer
      • 6.04 Amazon Auto Scaling: Part One
      • 6.05 Amazon Auto Scaling: Part Two

      • 7.01 AWS CloudFormation
      • 7.02 Configure CloudFormation Stack
      • 7.03 AWS Elastic Beanstalk
      • 7.04 Deploy Application Using Elastic Beanstalk
      • 7.05 Amazon OpsWorks

      • 8.01 Amazon S3 Introduction
      • 8.02 Create an S3 Bucket
      • 8.03 Access Policies
      • 8.04 Versioning
      • 8.05 Lifecycle Policies
      • 8.06 Cross Region Replication
      • 8.07 MFA Delete and Advanced Protection Strategies
      • 8.08 Cross Origin Resource Sharing
      • 8.09 Encryption
      • 8.10 Amazon Storage Gateway
      • 8.11 Amazon Snowball

      • 9.01 AWS Shared Security Model
      • 9.02 AWS Compliance Program
      • 9.03 AWS Identity and Access Management
      • 9.04 AWS CloudTrail for Security
      • 9.05 AWS WAF Inspector and Trusted Advisor
      • 9.06 AWS EC2 Security
      • 9.07 AWS KMS and CloudHSM

      • 10.01 Amazon VPC: Part One
      • 10.02 Amazon VPC: Part Two
      • 10.03 Launch an Amazon VPC
      • 10.04 Amazon VPC Peering
      • 10.05 Amazon VPC Endpoints
      • 10.06 Amazon VPC Flow Logs
      • 10.07 Amazon VPC Direct Connect
      • 10.08 Amazon CloudFront
      • 10.09 Amazon Route Fifty Three

      • Course Introduction

      • Cloudwatch Introduction
      • Assisted Practice: Create an Alarm using CloudWatch
      • Monitoring EC2
      • Assisted Practice: Monitoring EC2
      • Monitoring EBS
      • Assisted Practice: Monitoring EBS
      • Monitoring ELB
      • Assisted Practice: Monitoring ELB
      • Monitoring Elasticache
      • Assisted Practice: Managing ElastiCache Amazon SNS Notifications
      • Assisted Practice: Disabling Amazon SNS Notifications
      • Assisted Practice: Create A Billing Alarm
      • Assisted Practice: Create and Configure an AWS Organization
      • Cost Explorer and Cost Allocation Tags
      • EC2 Pricing Models
      • AWS Config101
      • Assisted Practice: Setting up AWS Config
      • AWS Config Vs AWS CloudTrail Vs. CloudWatch
      • Health Dashboards
      • Create an Application Load Balancer Using EC2

      • Assisted Practice: EC2 instance lab
      • EC2, EBS and IOPS
      • Assisted Practice: Deploy an Application Load Balancer
      • System Manager
      • Applying a Load Balancer

      • Elasticity and Scalability
      • RDS and Multi-AZ failovers
      • RDS and Read Replicas
      • Assisted Practice: Create a Read Replica
      • Assisted Practice: Create a Read Replica in multiple regions
      • Amazon RDS and Cross-Region Replication
      • Assisted Practice: Share an Encrypted Amazon RDS snapshot
      • AWS Aurora
      • Assisted Practice: Create an Aurora MySQL Database Cluster
      • Assisted Practice: Connect to an Instance in a Database Cluster
      • Aurora Database Clusters
      • Aurora Replicas
      • Assisted Practice: Adding Aurora Replicas to a Database Cluster
      • Aurora Serverless
      • Troubleshooting Autoscaling Issues
      • Content Delivery Network
      • Launch an RDS Instance with Multi-AZ

      • Introduction to S3
      • S3 Lifecycle Policies
      • Assisted Practice: Enable S3 Encryption
      • S3 Versioning
      • Assisted Practice: Check S3 Versioning
      • MFA Delete
      • S3 Encryption
      • EC2 Volume Types
      • Assisted Practice: Upgrade EC2 Volume and Attach Volume Types
      • KMS and CloudHSM
      • Amazon Machine Image
      • Snowball
      • Storage Gateaway
      • Athena
      • Assisted Practice: Athena Query
      • Elastic File System
      • Assisted Practice: Working with EFS
      • Run Batch Operations to Encrypt Data in an S3 Bucket

      • Security on AWS
      • DDOS
      • Assisted Practice: Custom IAM Policy
      • Assisted Practice: Roles and Policies
      • Security Token Service
      • Logging
      • WAF and Hypervisors
      • Instances and Hosts
      • Assisted Practice MFA with AWS
      • Assisted Practices: SSM and Run Command
      • Assisted Practices: AWS Config with S3
      • Shared Responsibility Model
      • Security Groups
      • Assisted Practice: AWS CloudTrail
      • Implement CloudTrail Using AWS IAM

      • DNS
      • Assisted Practice: Register a Domain Name
      • Routing Traffic to Web Applications
      • Assisted Practice: Create a S3 bucket and configure it to host a website
      • Assisted Practice: Create a website and upload it to the S3 bucket
      • Assisted Practice: Routing DNS traffic for your domain
      • Amazon Route 53
      • Top-Level Domains
      • NS and SOA Records
      • A and Alias Records
      • DNS Routing
      • Assisted Practice: Simple Routing Policy
      • Assisted Practice: Latency Routing Policy
      • Create a Custom VPC

      • VPC Overview
      • VPC Peering
      • Assisted Practice: Create a Custom VPC
      • Network Address Translation (NAT)
      • Assisted Practice: Configure and Launch a NAT Instance
      • Assisted Practice: NACL Creation
      • VPC Flow Logs
      • Assisted Practice: Create a VPC Endpoint
      • Assisted Practice: Create a VPC Flow Log
      • Assisted Practice: Clean a VPC
      • Create VPC and NAT to Perform Bidirectional Monitoring

      • CloudFormation
      • Assisted Practice: CloudFormation
      • Elastic Beanstalk
      • Assisted Practice: Elastic Beanstalk
      • AWS OpsWorks
      • Deploy an Elastic Beanstalk Using CLI

      • AWS Service Catalog
      • Assisted Practice: AWS Service Catalog Portfolio
      • Case studies
      • Assisted Practice: Bucket Policy with Wildcards

      • Setting up a Website on Cloud

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        Sweety Shah
        I have started SAP MM training from voisap and I can say that’s the best decision of my life. Highly satisfied with the training.
        akanksha baweja
        akanksha baweja
        Would not lie, it all started with skepticism, if I should enroll for SAP FICO course at the institution or no. Took the leap of faith then and today I am half way through the course and with confidence and without any bias believe Voisap to be the best platform to gain in-depth knowledge of SAP modules. Truly appreciate Gourav's support in the learning process, the flexibility offered with the class schedules and making it as easy for a novice to get started with ERP system. Voisap is the assured way to quench my desire for learning more about SAP.
        Charmi Shah
        Charmi Shah
        Himani Thakkar
        Himani Thakkar
        Voisap is best. Trainers, material, support is amazing. Most importantly for me, resume and interview preparation was the key as I had no exposure to SAP MM training. My trainer at voisap worked for my resume and prepared me for the interviews. Online version is also amazing in this covid lockdown.
        Mit Shah
        Mit Shah
        Initially I was skeptical to join voisap but My friend suggested to join for SAP MM training. I can confidently say that the material, training, support is excellent, especially whatsapp support.
        sahil bhamani
        sahil bhamani
        Awesome experience. Gaurav is an excellent instructor for SAP. If you are looking for a sap course this is the correct address!
        akshay nyamala
        akshay nyamala
        Voisap has become the only platform building professionals in the Accounting and consulting sector. The tutors are available in flexible timing depending upon our schedules. I have enrolled for SAP FICO. The classes are offered with the real time scenarios which makes us learn SAP in the most efficient way possible. I would suggest every accounting graduate who is looking for an exciting career in consulting to enroll this course. I would personally thank Gourav for all the resources offered and materials for preparations
        Priyanka Hans
        Priyanka Hans
        VoiSAP is that perfect platform where you can get a very effective and quality classes for SAP modules. I was taking classes for SAP FICO and Gourav Sir strives to ensure that student understands the concepts and also apply to whatever learnt in jobs. Overall, it was a great learning experience with VoiSAP. Grateful.
        Kapil Thakar
        Kapil Thakar
        I really appreciate all the effort put by Mr Gourav to trained me in SAP Finance Module. Apart from great teaching skills and flexible timing, what I liked the most is that how he motivated me to take up the course and pursue in this field and unlocked my potential. The one on one session is great as it gives opportunity to ask many questions. Right from the training till the job search, there was constant communication between us. He also prepared me for job interviews and help to redesign Resume according to the job position. Thank you Mr. Gourav for being excellent tutor and my career guide.
        prashanth maxx
        prashanth maxx
        I really thank gourav for giving me a professional training in SAP. His ideas and strategies works well in the interview preparation as well. I just got 2 interview calls on the first day of applying jobs. Thank you Gourav and I hope you spread your knowledge of SAP to many students.

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          SAP FICO Training FAQs

          All of our highly qualified trainers are AWS certified, with more than 15 years of experience in training and working in their domain. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process, which includes profile screening, technical evaluation and a training demo before they qualify as Simplilearn trainers. We also ensure that only those trainers who maintain a high alumni rating continue to train for us.
          No. The exam fee is not included in the course fee.
          The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate exam is a combination of multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions.
          The courses are conducted via live virtual classrooms (LVC). They are interactive sessions that enable you to ask questions and participate in discussions during class time. We do, however, provide recordings of each session you attend for your future reference. Classes are attended by a global audience to enrich your learning experience.

          The tools you’ll need to attend training are:
          • Windows: Windows XP SP3 or higher
          • Mac: OSX 10.6 or higher
          • Internet speed: Preferably 512 Kbps or higher
          • Headset, speakers and microphone: You’ll need headphones or speakers to hear instruction clearly, as well as a microphone to talk to others. You can use a headset with a built-in microphone, or separate speakers and microphone.

          Our teaching assistants are a dedicated team of subject matter experts here to help you get certified in your first attempt. They engage students proactively to ensure the course path is being followed and help you enrich your learning experience, from class onboarding to project mentoring and job assistance. Teaching Assistance is available during business hours.