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SAP SD Certification Training


The aspirants joining the SAP® Sales and Distribution online training will get a deep understanding about handling of pre-sales activities, Sales and Distribution aspects, sales orders, Finance and accounting aspects, and Documentation flow & process chain.

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Eligibility & Pre-requisites

  • Eligibility

    There are no prerequisites for this SAP training course. Anyone with the desire to grow in Consulting Career can pursue this course.
  • Pre-requisites

    Candidates do not require any specific requirements to take up this course except a basic background in information technology.     

  • We provide FREE Finance Domain Materials you want to Learn Basics of Finance/Supply Chain and Accounting.

SAP SD Certification Overview

SAP® Sales & Distribution (SD) module looks after the processes from order to delivery of a product. It takes care of Sales Orders, Consignments, Credit & Debit Memo Requests, Back Orders, and Contracts.  It is  one of the important modules introduced by SAP® and works closely in relation to other modules for an efficient work process. SAP® SD works on various components like Master Data, Shipping, Credit Management, Billing, Transportation, and Sales Support.


The aspirants joining the SAP® Sales and Distribution online training will get a deep understanding about handling of pre-sales activities, Sales and Distribution aspects, sales orders, Finance and accounting aspects, and Documentation flow & process chain.

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      Skills Covered​

      Enterprise Structure
      Global Settings
      General Ledger
      Accounts Payable
      Accounts Receivable
      Document types in Sales and Distribution
      Material Master Record
      Customer Master
      Sales document structure
      Sales Area
      Sales Organization
      Sales Group
      FICO-SD Integration
      Business Process

      Training Options


      (Online, In-Class)​

      One-on-One (Recommended)

      (Online, In-Class)​


      (Online, Client sight)

      Customized to your team's needs

      Course Currilcum

      • Overview of ASAP Methodology 00:00:00
      • Project Scoping 00:00:00
      • Blueprints 00:00:00
      • Realization 00:00:00
      • Final Preparation 00:00:00
      • Post Live Phase 00:00:00

      • Logon Pad, Login Screens 00:00:00
      • Easy Access 00:00:00
      • IMG Screen 00:00:00
      • SAP Navigation 00:00:00

      • Organizational structures 00:00:00
      • Sales and distribution aspect 00:00:00
      • Materials management aspect 00:00:00
      • Finance and accounting aspect 00:00:00
      • Document flow and process chain 00:00:00
      • Business Partners 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Enterprise Structure in Sales 00:00:00
      • Definition and Assign Organizational Elements 00:00:00
      • Document Types in Sales and Distribution 00:00:00

      • Material Master Record 00:00:00
      • Customer Master Record 00:00:00
      • Customer Material Info Records 00:00:00
      • Condition Master Data 00:00:00
      • Partner Functions 00:00:00
      • Defining Account Groups for Partner Functions 00:00:00
      • Creating No Ranges and Assignment 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Document Types and Function – Sales, Deliveries and Billing 00:00:00
      • Document Control – Document type, item category control and determination schedule line category control and determination 00:00:00
      • Copy Control – Requirements Data Transfer Routines Document Flow and Pricing Type 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Sales Document structure 00:00:00
      • Inquiries 00:00:00
      • Quotations 00:00:00
      • Sales support 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Sales Order Processing 00:00:00
      • Sales document types 00:00:00
      • Creation of sales order with reference 00:00:00
      • Item Categories 00:00:00
      • Schedule lines Categories 00:00:00
      • Partner determination 00:00:00
      • Contracts and scheduling agreements 00:00:00
      • Copy Control 00:00:00
      • Log of incomplete items 00:00:00
      • Material determination, material listing/exclusion 00:00:00
      • Free goods 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Creating and processing deliveries 00:00:00
      • Controlling inbound and outbound deliveries Packing 00:00:00
      • Packing Functions 00:00:00
      • Good receipt and goods issue 00:00:00
      • Stock transfer with delivery 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Defining and maintaining prices, surcharges, and discounts 00:00:00
      • Condition Technique 00:00:00
      • Condition Type 00:00:00
      • Access Sequence 00:00:00
      • Condition Record 00:00:00
      • Creating condition tables, access sequences, and condition types 00:00:00
      • Price determination 00:00:00
      • Promotions and Rebate processing 00:00:00
      • Definition and maintenance of prices, surcharges, and discounts 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Product Proposals 00:00:00
      • Material Listing and exclusion 00:00:00
      • Material Determination 00:00:00
      • Free goods 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Rush order 00:00:00
      • Cash Sales 00:00:00
      • Free of charge deliveries 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Contracts 00:00:00
      • Scheduling agreements 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • 12.1 Consignments 00:00:00
      • Bill of material 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Overview of shipping 00:00:00
      • Shipping point and route determination 00:00:00
      • Creating and controlling outbound delivery 00:00:00
      • Delivery processing 00:00:00
      • Picking 00:00:00
      • Picking conformation 00:00:00
      • Processing packing material 00:00:00
      • Packing 00:00:00
      • Goods issue 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Billing document types 00:00:00
      • Credit and Debit memos 00:00:00
      • Methods for crating Billing Documents 00:00:00
      • Collective processing of billing documents 00:00:00
      • Creation of billing documents 00:00:00
      • Controlling billing documents 00:00:00
      • Billing plan 00:00:00
      • Revenue account determination 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Business Area account assignment 00:00:00
      • Special Features of SD & FI Interface 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Integrated case study 00:00:00
      • Implementation of a fictitious demo company in an “empty” delivery client in an 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Mapping the enterprise structure 00:00:00
      • Implementing sales transactions, delivery and billing processes, institution-specific price determination requests 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Copying control 00:00:00
      • Output determination 00:00:00
      • Text Control 00:00:00
      • Overview of configuring printed documents in SD 00:00:00
      • Introduction to basic system enhancements (user exits) 00:00:00
      • Introduction to personalization (e.g. transaction variants) 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • Inter Company Business Processing 00:00:00
      • Third Party order processing 00:00:00
      • Cross Company Stock Transfers (STO) 00:00:00
      • Text determination 00:00:00
      • Partner determination 00:00:00
      • Output determination 00:00:00
      • An Overview of CRM and its relationship with SD 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • How to Write General Resume 00:00:00
      • How to Write Professional Resume 00:00:00
      • Tailoring Resume 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • How to attend Interview Calls 00:00:00
      • Interview Preparation 00:00:00
      • Designing Interview 00:00:00
      • How to Answer if you don’t know something 00:00:00
      • How to take Project Questions 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • How to Apply for Jobs on LinkedIn 00:00:00
      • How to Prepare Professional LinkedIn Profile 00:00:00
      • How to Improve LinkedIn Profile Visibility 00:00:00
      • LinkedIn Marketing 00:00:00
      • How to Build Professional Connections 00:00:00
      • How to Apply for Jobs on LinkedIn 00:00:00
      • How to use LinkedIn to get Interview Calls 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00

      • How to participate in the Project 00:00:00
      • How to Complete Full Lifecycle in One Project 00:00:00
      • How to write Blueprint Documents 00:00:00
      • How to Prepare Functional Documents 00:00:00
      • Realtime Project Assignment 00:00:00
      • Writing Test Cases/Plans/Scripts 00:00:00
      • Using Testing Tools 00:00:00
      • How to Take Business Requirements from Client 00:00:00
      • How to Prepare Training Documents – Train the Trainer – Training the Users 00:00:00
      • How to Provide Post Live Support 00:00:00

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        What our eLearners say about us

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        Google Reviews

        Sweety Shah
        Sweety Shah
        I have started SAP MM training from voisap and I can say that’s the best decision of my life. Highly satisfied with the training.
        akanksha baweja
        akanksha baweja
        Would not lie, it all started with skepticism, if I should enroll for SAP FICO course at the institution or no. Took the leap of faith then and today I am half way through the course and with confidence and without any bias believe Voisap to be the best platform to gain in-depth knowledge of SAP modules. Truly appreciate Gourav's support in the learning process, the flexibility offered with the class schedules and making it as easy for a novice to get started with ERP system. Voisap is the assured way to quench my desire for learning more about SAP.
        Charmi Shah
        Charmi Shah
        Himani Thakkar
        Himani Thakkar
        Voisap is best. Trainers, material, support is amazing. Most importantly for me, resume and interview preparation was the key as I had no exposure to SAP MM training. My trainer at voisap worked for my resume and prepared me for the interviews. Online version is also amazing in this covid lockdown.
        Mit Shah
        Mit Shah
        Initially I was skeptical to join voisap but My friend suggested to join for SAP MM training. I can confidently say that the material, training, support is excellent, especially whatsapp support.
        sahil bhamani
        sahil bhamani
        Awesome experience. Gaurav is an excellent instructor for SAP. If you are looking for a sap course this is the correct address!
        akshay nyamala
        akshay nyamala
        Voisap has become the only platform building professionals in the Accounting and consulting sector. The tutors are available in flexible timing depending upon our schedules. I have enrolled for SAP FICO. The classes are offered with the real time scenarios which makes us learn SAP in the most efficient way possible. I would suggest every accounting graduate who is looking for an exciting career in consulting to enroll this course. I would personally thank Gourav for all the resources offered and materials for preparations
        Priyanka Hans
        Priyanka Hans
        VoiSAP is that perfect platform where you can get a very effective and quality classes for SAP modules. I was taking classes for SAP FICO and Gourav Sir strives to ensure that student understands the concepts and also apply to whatever learnt in jobs. Overall, it was a great learning experience with VoiSAP. Grateful.
        Kapil Thakar
        Kapil Thakar
        I really appreciate all the effort put by Mr Gourav to trained me in SAP Finance Module. Apart from great teaching skills and flexible timing, what I liked the most is that how he motivated me to take up the course and pursue in this field and unlocked my potential. The one on one session is great as it gives opportunity to ask many questions. Right from the training till the job search, there was constant communication between us. He also prepared me for job interviews and help to redesign Resume according to the job position. Thank you Mr. Gourav for being excellent tutor and my career guide.
        prashanth maxx
        prashanth maxx
        I really thank gourav for giving me a professional training in SAP. His ideas and strategies works well in the interview preparation as well. I just got 2 interview calls on the first day of applying jobs. Thank you Gourav and I hope you spread your knowledge of SAP to many students.

        Like the curriculum? Enroll Now

        Structure your learning and get a certificate to prove it.


          As part of our eLearning program, you will be practically involved in various projects and assignments, which include Realtime Project Scenarios as well. This gives you realtime practical industry exposure. 

          VoiSAP’s certificate will be issued once you successfully complete the training which includes practicals, assignments and quiz.  

          VoiSAP’s certification training is recognized by more than 500  top MNCs, including CGI, Accenture, Walmart, Amazon, IMAX, Sony, RBC, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, IBM, Infosys, Lafarge, TCS, and many more.


          SAP FICO Training FAQs

          SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing and is used by large organisations to manage their business. SAP has different modules for 21 industry sectors.

          Any person with some education and business process knowledge can consider a career in SAP. A career in SAP is very rewarding because of the high paying positions and also lack of skilled SAP personnel makes it most desirable skill to have. We suggest you choose a module which compliments your experience and background.

          VoiSAP provides SAP training programs in all functional and technical modules including SAP Core Modules:
          FI -Financial Accounting
          CO- Cost Controlling
          HR- Human Resources
          SD- Sales and Distribution
          MM -Materials Management
          SAP Security
          SAP Net Weaver- Business Intelligence (BW)
          SAP programming in ABAP
          SAP New Dimension Modules: GRC-Governance, Risk, and Compliance
          SAP Net Weaver XI- Exchange Infrastructure
          SAP Net Weaver Portal
          SAP Net Weaver MDM-Master Data Management


          Other than these full fledged courses we provide User level Training that includes 

          SAP FICO

          SAP MM

          SAP SD

          SAP HR


          VoiSAP also conducts Capsule Training Courses like 

          SAP Accounts Payable 

          SAP Accounts Receivable

          SAP Supply Chain

          SAP Buyer 

          SAP Sales Coordinator 

          Training sessions are held Online as well as on-site at our Brampton and Cambridge Center during weekdays & weekends.

          We are committed to provide you high class 24X7 support through whatsapp, emails, calls. We can proudly say that we provide the best support in the Industry. Further, you will have full access to our Learning Management System that contains all the books, materials, screenshots for you. Our support is just away from you. 

          No doubt, SAP is in very high demand, and at the same time, employers need professionals who have the right skills for consulting.
          At VoiSAP, we design our program by taking into consideration our learners come from different backgrounds, freshers to professionals. So, we curate it from the basic level and gradually increase the difficulty level for you to easily grasp all the concepts taught as part of the program. Further, we guarantee that, by the end of the program, your skills would be equivalent to 3 years experience in this technology.

          Absolutely, you can. Here at VoiSAP, we make sure you have all the skillset required to get a job. You will be given accounting sessions before you start with SAP FICO if you background is non-accounting. In the past, we have trained non-accounting background participants and they are very successfully working as Consultants and Analysts. 

          We are proud to say that we provide exclusive material that covers theory of the topic, 2000+ step by step topic wise screenshots, Books. The Material we have step by step instructions for your to practice. 

          Certification is not a requirement to work as an SAP consultant but it is definitely preferred by most employers. All our training courses are designed to get you certified in your module.